Anticipating tomorrow’s needs today

We all recognize that each year passes quicker than the one before. And whether you’re longing for life after work or plan to continue working in some capacity, it’s important to consider your options and prepare for your golden years.

In order to make the most of your retirement plan, JMA Group works to help you identify your assets, outline your goals and create contingencies for the unexpected. We focus on several areas that can make a dramatic difference on your financial outlook.

  • Tax Strategy: Together, we’ll examine your current portfolio and determine if you have an appropriate balance of tax now, tax later and tax never assets.

  • Income Planning: A critical part of the plan, we’ll ensure you can create an income stream you cannot outlive to supplement any pension and/or government benefits.

  • Asset Growth and Protection: Depending on the amount of time you have until retirement, we’ll help you find an appropriate balance between growing and protecting your wealth.

  • Wealth Transfer: Whether you’re looking to leave a legacy to loved ones or a charity of your choice, we can identify strategies to transfer your wealth efficiently.

  • Estate Preparation: As part of the plan to protect your loved ones, we’ll help you put in place measures to distribute your assets as you wish without leaving behind a large tax burden.

Whether retirement is quickly approaching or you’re just hitting your career stride, don’t leave retirement planning for later. Contact us today to get started!

John Martin is an Investment Advisor Representative offering advisory services through Mader & Shannon Wealth Management, Inc (MSWM). 4505 Madison Ave., Kansas City, MO, 64111. Insurance products are offered solely through JMA Group, LLC. JMA Group, LLC and and MSWM are not affiliated.