Preparing for the ultimate career move

As a business owner, you’re forced to wear many hats. And like many who’ve come before you, you may find it to be all-consuming. At some point, you’ll need to make a transition out of the business — whether by choice or circumstance. When that time comes, will you be ready?

According to a recent survey*:

  • 78 percent of small-business-owner clients plan to sell their businesses to fund their retirement.
  • The proceeds are needed to fund 60 to 100 percent of their retirement needs.
  • Yet, fewer than 30 percent of clients actually have a written succession plan.

Despite the fact that many business owners have thought about and possibly even begun preparing for their exit, the reality is that few have truly put in the work necessary to make the transition seamless. That’s where a partnership with JMA Group can help. We’ve helped owners of firms of all sizes in various industries set their succession-related goals and implement the strategies needed to make them a reality.

Here is a just a sample of the many techniques and solutions we may consider to increase your business valuation; ensure the company is protected even if something happens to you prior to your planned exit; and provide you with the level of comfort you desire in retirement.

Key Person Insurance | Buy-Sell Agreements | Executive Bonus Plans | Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation | Charitable Lead Trusts | Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Contact us today to get started planning your graceful exit and enjoy a more comfortable retirement as a result!

*Source: CNBC/Financial Planning Association (FPA) Business Owner Succession Planning Survey, released April 13, 2015.